Hyperthermia Treatment Planning System (HTPS)

Based on a patient's 3D anatomy model, the 3D HTPS (Hyperthermia Treatment Planning System) is designed to predict and optimize the hyperthermia treatment performance in order to evaluate an optimal treatment plan for any given patient by maximizing the thermal dose in the tumor and minimizing normal tissue hot spots.

The use of a treatment planning system is already well established in Radiotherapy, where it represents a major part of the overall treatment process. Our aim is to develop, in the coming years, a hyperthermia TPS to be as close as possible to standards used in radiotherapy

The 3D HTPS will be able to calculate the power absorption and the consequent temperature distribution in a 3D patient-specific anatomy model generated from CT/MRI DICOM patient images.

The HTPS will play an important role in improving quality, both in superficial as well as deep hyperthermia treatment. For example, in deep hyperthermia, the deep phased array system is characterized by the simultaneous use of at least four antennas each of which is controlled in terms of phase and amplitude. The deep phased array system will be greatly benefitted by the HTPS as will allow it to determine the optimal setting for each treatment, a task that would otherwise be demanded to clinical experience alone.

ALBA HTPS is being developed together with CST (Computer Simulation Technology GMBH), one of the world leading companies in electromagnetic simulations, and with the . Testing of the ALBA HTPS shall take place in top clinical and scientific research centers.

ALBA HTPS intended to be a reliable and user-friendly software for superficial and deep hyperthermia treatment planning, designed for ALBA Hyperthermia System models.

ALBA HTPS will consist of three tools:

- ALBA 3D seg which, in a very short time and with a high resolution, allows the 3D reconstruction of the patient's anatomy generated from CT/MRI DICOM slices, and its manual/semi-automatic/automatic segmentation in different tissues, according to the physician's needs

- ALBA 3D vox completes the generation of the patient model, provided by the ALBA-3Dseg segmented patient anatomy, the creation of a voxel model and the assignment of the dielectric and thermal properties to the tissues.

- ALBA 3D SAR/T, based on the CST (Computer Simulation Technology GMBH) engines, integrates the patient model with the ALBA antenna models, accurately reproducing the treatment conditions, and performs the electromagnetic and thermal simulations. It also provides an optimization tool able to calculate the antenna settings to be applied in order to obtain the maximum power deposition at the target location, minimizing normal tissue hot spots.

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