ALBA-3Dseg, segmentation tool

The tumor and the at-risk organs are delineated on the patient's anatomical image by the radiation oncologist, just as in Radiotherapy treatment planning. . The patient's anatomy is then segmented into various tissues (ALBA-3Dseg) and dielectric and thermal properties are assigned to the various kinds (ALBA-3Dvox).

ALBA-3Dseg is a user friendly medical image segmentation tool designed to offer:

- a detailed 3D human model, based on patient CT or MRI DICOM images;
- the manual/automatic/semi-automatic segmentation of the patient's anatomy in different tissues;
- the 3D contouring of the tumor and at-risk organ delineation, as done in radiotherapy treatment planning.

1) DICOM images reading

DICOM images

2) stacking up and denoising selected DICOM images

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3) 3D contouring, automatic / semi-automatic / manual 3D segmentation, allowing parameters tuning

4) Real time selected 3D organs reconstruction

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5) 3D model with high quality graphic rendering

3D human body model