ALBA 3D SAR and Thermal simulations (ALBA-3DSAR-T)

The EM and Thermal CST Studio Engines will be integrated in the ALBA HTPS in order to perform a 3D SAR and Thermal Simulation. This will be carried out taking into account the ALBA applicators effective sizes (EFS) and specific 3D patient models imported from ALBA-3Dseg and ALBA-3Dvox.
The simulations are performed so as to resemble the actual treatment conditions as accurately as possible.

ALBA-3DSAR-T provides:

1) Generation of the adaptive Mesh, according to the expected quality simulation.

Generation of the adaptive Mesh

2) Choice of one of the highly detailed applicator model desired from the ALBA applicator models database.

Generation of the adaptive Mesh

3) Electromagnetic simulation through the solution of Maxwell's Equation based on the FIT (Finite Integration Technique).

Generation of the adaptive Mesh

4) 3D Thermal Simulation according to the Bioheat Equation (including blood perfusion).

3D Thermal simulation complete

SAR / Temperature optimization

The SAR and/or thermal distributions have to be optimized in order to obtain the antenna setting required for the most efficient treatment for any given patient.
Several optimization algorithms have been developed in order to be both SAR as well as temperature-based.
The idea at the basis of these procedures is to solve an objective function that aims at maximizing tumor SAR or temperature whilst respecting the constraints in normal tissues.
The ALBA Hyperthermia team in collaboration with the University of Rome Tor Vergata is developing a special algorithm in order to evaluate optimal supply voltage (amplitude and phase) to deposit the desired power in the target whilst minimizing hot spots in normal tissues.